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Bespoke Coaching

At TriSMART Coaching we offer a range of bespoke online coaching packages to suit your needs and help you achieve your objectives.  All our training packages offer initial consultation, goal setting and followed up with a bespoke online plan specific to your goals and lifestyle.  Plans are not rigid, they will evolve as we analyse your data.


  •  Single Sport:  If you are training towards your first Half Marathon,  Bike Race, or require additional sessions in the pool with structure then the single sport would suit.  It allows you to focus on you goals by allowing us to design a bespoke plan for you to concentrate on training.

  • Standard Triathlon:  This is our most popular option and suits either that beginner triathlete or that person wishing to take their own triathlon training to the next level.  Ideal for all distances, this package is bespoke, tailored and flexible to suit family, work and lifestyle.

  •  Premium Package: If you are looking the ultimate in Data analysis and performance review this package is ideal for you.  Regular testing and periodic review are sure to provide the most feedback and analysis, taking the hassle out of your hands. For many people, regular contact with a coach is very important.  The premium package offers greater flexibility and communication.

If none of these options suit your lifestyle or budget please contact us.  We focus on the athletes needs and offer bespoke services such as Consultancy, Heart Rate Zone Testing, Run Analysis and Bike Fitting.

What makes TriSMART different?

We want you to achieve your goals.  For many people, setting goals is the first step and often overlooked. To achieve those goals you need to be sure you are on the right path.  At TriSMART we will work closely with you, analysing your data from Garmin and Training Peaks to ensure you are training consistently, not over training, monitoring your fatigue levels whilst also ensuring you are in peak condition for your 'A' race.  After carefully constructing the right bespoke periodised training plan for you, we take the hassle out of monitoring the data.