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TriSMART Coaching

At TriSMART we cater for a broad range of athletes.  From a first time Half marathon or sprint triathlon to a seasoned athlete taking on a Marathon, Ironman Triathlon or weekly national series races.  Whether your goal is just to finish, hit a new personal best or qualify for a championship race, we will work together to provide a schedule that is flexible, meets your needs and suits your lifestyle. 


All our coaching is delivered using the TrainingPeaks App, a daily calendar with training sessions, advice, support and prompts direct to your phone.  With loads of other options like syncing to your Garmin Watch, sessions transferred direct to your smart turbo or zwift and the app synced with MyFitnessPal so we can track your Macro's and Calories in/Out.


The complete and Smart way to train, taking the hassle and thought away from you and your busy lifestyle.  There is a coaching solution for everyone... 

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