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Self Coached Plans

Self Coached plans are exactly what they say.   Following a consultation, I will create a bespoke triathlon or run training plan to help you achieve your goals. You will then follow the plan yourself.  Training plans are delivered using the Training Peaks app.  There is no regular feedback or no communication with the coach, other than the initial consultation.  If you require additional support then please consider one of our other Triathlon or Run Coaching options.
Triathlon or Run Plan Example pricing:
  • 16 weeks - from £80
  • 20 weeks - from £100
  • 24 weeks - from £120
What's included:
  • Personalised Training Plan - syncs to Garmin device

  • Daily sessions/tips/advice direct to Training Peaks App

  • Consultation at start

  • Access to Training Peaks Diary

  • Access to private Facebook group

  • All paid upfront 

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