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Other Services

At TriSMART we understand that there is so much more to training than just ticking off the sessions.  If you want the very best results possible, then having the correct fit on your bike, using the right power or heart rate zones and ensuring your running is as economical as possible are all key attributes to getting it right.  We will continue to develop our services in-line with the needs of our athletes.  For further information please get in touch.....


Do you need to discuss your training needs? advice on setting goals, A-priority races or all round advice on swim, bike or run? 


To ensure you are effectively training in the correct zones whether Heart Rate or Power, we provide testing and Zone setting using Functional Threshold Heart Rate Testing. All athletes are provided with a printout of the their new zones.  Latest addition to aid this testing is our Watt Bike Atom...

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1-2-1 Swim, Bike or Run analysis.  Whether in the pool, turbo trainer or at the track, this 1 hour personalized service, gives you specific advice and feedback. e.g. swim stroke analysis, bike fitting and set-up, running form and so much more.  Get in touch if you have something specific you want to ask....

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